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Just Kidding ^^

Hi! I'm Noora. But you can call me Noorie. I was born and raised in Maldives. On the first day of August in 1996 I took my first breath in this world.

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So I'm just gonna skip to the next part of this article.

We Heart It

I've been a user of We Heart It for over 4 years, and by far this has been my favourite app and website I've ever used. This allows me to express myself through images and different quotes and collections, and for someone

  • who's not very good at putting my thoughts and feelings into my own words (mostly because I'm too scared/anxious to) and
  • obsessed with perfection and organizing the things I love

this app/website is like heaven.

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I've been hesitant to give this new feature a try. I've always been anxious about trying new things in life and have always preferred to stay within my comfort zone. It's a huge step for me to give this a try.

I know articles has been a thing for a while now and I'm very late to join the fun. But that's just how I am.


Welcome! To my first ever article.

This probably isn't going to be perfect. There maybe features I could've used to make this article even better. Or written it in a different style or could've used more or less pictures.

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Exactly how I feel right now.

But that's okay. This is more of a trial than anything else. I just want to get a feel to it and see how everything works. So far it's simple and easy and I really like it.

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I'm definitely going to be trying this a second time. I even have a few ideas for more articles. Mostly just to explore the different things I like and love and want to do in life and put them together in the form of an article. Maybe I'll think of something different along the way.

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Since I'm not very good at finishing anything, let's hope I'll have the time and motivation to write all the articles I have in mind.

Thank You

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. It really does mean a lot to me and I truly appreciate it.

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Take care!
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If you want to read all other articles i write

If you wanna get to know me better

I hope you all are having a wonderful day.
Byeee ♥️


Noorie Ner
Noorie Ner