Okay before I get started on this article let me explain something.
I have been lacking the motivation and time to write anything lately as you can see. I'm not sure why since I had a page filled with article ideas and inspirations but I just didn't feel like it for some reason.

So putting all that aside... Let's begin this article.

- - -

So I'm gonna get straight to the point here.

amongst my previous articles, you'll see I have one under the name 'Giving Help'. If you've read that you'll notice how I absolutely love helping people and giving back as much as I possibly can...

So for that reason, I've been working on a project for a while...

I've made an Instagram account called ''theteetag''. The purpose of it is to help, assist and inspire in any way I can because. I just absolutely love it and think I should do more of it. Also, I believe with every ounce of my being that what goes around comes around and that one day I'll need it and it will come back to me ten times better.

I'll try my best to help with everything and anything, big or small, difficult or easy. I'll help you with school, college, work and anything related to it (if it's within my capabilities). I'll help you with personal issues if you just want to have a talk or have a situation you need any sort of help with.

The help will extend to even help you with looking for a good movie to watch or finding something fun to do.

I'll help you with literally anything no matter how small and silly.

Obviously, the service will be completely and absolutely free, whatever you tell me and want me to help you with will be between me and you, always.

I hope this journey goes well and I hope I can always give as much help as I can.

Have a nice day beauties