Five ways you can save money when you stop comparing yourself to others.

Hey everyone! Welcome to my article. I catch myself comparing myself to others a lot, especially social influencers. I find that this does't make me happy at all. It's nice to get your daily inspo from them, but it's not okay to put yourself down when you start comparing what you have and do to what they have and do. I realized you can save money when you stop doing this, and here's how:

Beauty products

Okay let's start with beauty. To be more specific; skincare, haircare and make-up. Yeah it might be nice to put a 50 dollar hair mask on and own a 24K gold face mask, but it's totally not necessary. Same goes for make-up. If you are saving up for something or simply if you don't have a lot of money, it's okay to buy drugstore everything. Just find out what your skintype and hair type is and I am sure drugstore brands have just the thing for you. There's also loads of youtube video's about the best drugstore make-up. So just do a little research and save some money. (And there's also loads of ways you can DIY a hair or a face mask just for your needs)

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Let me tell you a secret, you don't need to be shopping at revolve or free people or nordstrom to look cute and stylish. It's totally okay to shop at H&M, forever 21 and other affordable places. Make a list of what you really need before you go shopping to make sure you are not buying more than you actually want. And you don't need 15 flanels and 6 different denim jackets or 20 sweaters that look really simillar. It's not your job to promote a different outfit every day so it's just fine if you own just one of everything. Sure you can invest in some pieces you know you will wear really often, but you won't need that for everything :)

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Okay so now it's time to talk about jewlery and other accesories like sunglasses and bags. I know a chloé bag looks really nice, but there are tons of knock-off versions on the market that will look just as good. Because let's be honest, we don't all hae 1500 dollars to spare just for a nice bag. Same goes for a lot of jewlery, I know brandy melville has some really cute pieces for not that much money. You don't need real gold everything because it's just way to pricey if you are trying to save money. And it's okay to not own a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, there are cheaper sunglasses everywhere that do the same job.

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If you go to school or work 5 day a week, you probably don't have the time to go to the gym 5 times a week. So don't think that you have to just because social influencers do that too. It's also not really realistic for a student or a hard working person to eat healthy all the time. So you don't need a gym membership if you can work out just fine at home, and you also don't need to be buying the most expensive healthy foods. Don't beat yourself up if you eat unhealthy. If you live with your parents you probably don't have much control over diner, so just try to eat as healthy for as far as you can, but don't think you need to eat a salad for lunch every day or a smoothie for breakfast. There's also tons of youtube video's about healthy breakfast and lunch idead so I'm sure there are some that will fit your budget or you can alter to the things that you already own.

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Last but nog least, let's talk about instagram. If you don't make money of off posting pictures, your phone is probably good enough for nice photo's. And your phone doesn't need to be an Iphone, I own a samsung and it's working perfectly for me. This pictrure of the flowers below is taken with my samsung, the quality is great! So don't go buying the most expensive camera of phone because that's just a waste if you aren't going to make that money back with the pictures you want to capture with them. Save up for a nice camera if photography is what you are in to, but if not than you don't really need that. Aslo, there are tons of free apps you can edit your photo's really nicely with, so don't go spend your money on editing apps or programs if you don't really need it.

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I hoped you liked reading this article and it helped you in some ways. Now of course I don't need to be telling you what you should and should't do with your money, but I am telling you to think twice before spending it. You don't need something just because your faveourite youtuber says it's great. I in no way am trying to offend anyone if you do purchase some of the things influencers promote, because it's nice to splurge on something every once in a while. Just know that there are other options if you are trying to save up.