These shows are soooo good

If you need a link to watch them - 😉

1. Sense8 - I mean literally everything about this series is fucking fantastic. Eight strangers from different cultures and parts of the world are "birthed" by a woman named Angelica, who kills herself to avoid capture by a man named "Whispers". It's intense. And I bet you'll be hooked after the first episode

gif, funny scene, and sense8 image

Also, I bet you'll love Lito (and every other character. no joke)

sense8, lito rodriguez, and miguel angel silvestre image

2. Hemlock Grove - it's rather X rated and unethical. But such a good horror series. Not for the faint of heart!

cast, cool, and series image

Mr. Roman devilishly handsome 🙃

gif and bill skarsgård image

3. iZombie - comedy, drama about a girl named Liv who is turned a zombie yet trying to maintain her normal life

cast and rose mciver image
izombie and gif image

4. Search Party - modern day nancy drew type show on TBS

alia shawkat, brandon michael, and search party image

5. Jessica Jones - I don't usually enjoy superhero/marvel things, but this show kept my attention. Krysten Ritter is brilliant

krysten ritter, jessica jones, and Marvel image
Marvel, krysten ritter, and jessica jones image