Hey guys! I hope you are all doing amazing!! For today’s article, I decided to do a part two to my “Guide to WHI” article.

This will be in a different format than the article below, as I will just list some tips instead of separating it in paragraphs, but I hope this still helps!

If you want to check out the first part, here it is:

↬ Don’t Live On WHI - I’m sure we all love We Heart It, but if you ever start posting hundreds of photos a day, people will begin to think you’re desperate for hearts or followers. I’m not saying it’s bad to upload your own content (you should!), but just don’t feel like you have to upload a new photo every time you find something pretty (you could ‘save it for later’).

↬ Stop Counting Your Followers - The followers you have on your WHI account is just a number! Don’t give up if you haven’t reached your goal, and don’t start having a different attitude if you do start to gain followers. It’s all about being yourself, so don’t let a number have a big impact on you.

↬ Have Friends - With supporters on WHI, you will more likely grow as an account. Find people that will help heart your photos/articles, and do the same in return! Also, it’s just great to have internet friends, right?

↬ Know When To Post - If you notice that not as many followers are active around a certain time, don’t post, because it might not get lots of hearts. Of course I’m not saying you can’t post it if you want to, but for me, I always kind of pick a time to post when I see other people active in my home feed (or if their are more and more photos on the All Images page).

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↬ Find Your Inspiration - This means multiple things; if you like a certain theme or set of photos you like, continue to share your interests with others! But also remember why this app/website is useful, and use it to your advantage! Creat many collections, heart aesthetics, and do much more to satisfy your inspirational needs.

↬ Don’t Be Annoying - This won’t necessarily make your account look better/gain followers, but don’t be that annoying person that keeps following and unfollowing people or reacting to articles with emojis that don’t go with the articles (maybe it’s your opinion, but sometimes deep and sad stuff does not deserve a “😂”). If you do those things though, others may block or report you, so just don’t do it.

↬ Stop Plagiarizing - If you write articles, DO NOT COPY SOMEONE ELSE’S WORK! If you are inspired by them, give credits. If you used a website, cite your sources, but never claim unoriginal content as your own. People will notice, and your account may be blocked (from that person, or by WHI).

↬ Invest In Your Collections - I’ve actually mentioned this in the article I’ve written earlier, but now I think is a good time to explain and go more in depth because with the new Discover Page rules, it’s a bit difficult to get your images at the top (or close to it). You can start adding more to your collections and people who are interested will follow it. This counts as one follower on your account, even if they only see hearts for one collection.

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↬ Have A Good “Face” - By this, I mean how your account appears when someone clicks onto your profile. Find an icon you like, and a header/background that fits with it. Also, pick a display name that represents you, and figure what bio suits you/your account best. My display name is “Ꮖ Ꮮ Ꮮ Ꭼ Ꮹ Ꮖ Ꭱ Ꮮ” (which makes sense if you’ve heard BTS’ dimple) and my bio is “情人眼里出西施”, which translates to: “beauty is in the eye of its beholder”.

↬ Do It For You - Don’t feel pressured into having a certain kind of account if you don’t want to. You don’t have to have a theme or photos that flow. Sure it may look better, but WHI is all about finding things that you like, so don’t worry if it doesn’t look like any “normal” account (because what even is normal?).

↬ Take Risks - Don’t be afraid to try new things out. Whether it be your first time writing an article, or creating a challenge/tag, take the chance and just let fate decide its success! You never know how popular things can get!

↬ Stop Advertising - I get that you want your WHI or other social media accounts to grow, but it is so annoying if you message random people to follow you. For me, I always feel guilty if I don’t follow someone on Instagram or something. But also, it just makes you sound desperate. Sure, I would follow you, but only if I liked your content or if I have actually talked to you.

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That’s it for my tips today!! I hope this article is helpful to you, and if you want a part 3, I would be happy to make one! Also, this article was not intended to change your style on WHI in any way — these are simply tips that I found helpful. I’ll see you all in my next article, and don’t forget to request future uploads from me!

~ Caylie