March 30th, 2018

I mean who doesn't love comedy? Sitcoms (aka situational comedies) centers around a set of characters that are constant throughout the series. This genre originated around the 1950's within comedy troupes as a contrast to sketch comedy in which the characters can change from set to set.

Almost all TV comedies are sitcoms nowadays, but I thought I would write an article giving some recommendations based on some sitcoms I've really enjoyed over the years.

5) That 70's Show

that 70s show, fez, and funny image
70's, love, and girl image

My favorite character: Fez

About the show:

Where to watch: Netflix/Amazon Video

4) Seinfeld

funny, 911, and grunge image
kramer, michael richards, and seinfeld image

My favorite character: Random man in the background of 29 episodes

About the show:

Where to watch: Hulu/Amazon Video

3) 3rd Rock From The Sun

funny, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and barbie image
3rd Rock from the Sun image

My favorite character: Harry

About the show:

Where to watch: Amazon Video

2) The IT Crowd

funny and gif image

My favorite character: Moss

About the show:

Where to watch: Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Video

1) Red Dwarf

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90's, series, and woman image

My favorite character: Cat

About the show:

Where to watch: Amazon Video

I'm sorry there isn't too much to this article, but here are five sitcoms that I've enjoyed! I hope you try them out sometime and maybe find a new show you enjoy.

Without anything further, I bid you adieu :)