Hey there billy,
what you doin'
sitting alone lookin',
well, rather silly

Billy ol' Billy
there he sat a-poop on his head
the seagull had made mess
made the poor man not so dilly

He pooped on me,
look at him, he laughin' mad

Off the seagull went
Billy cursed flipped his finger
Great Scott manners Sir,
'tis just a bird, no need for hell bent

Well I don't give a hoot
that don't mean the owl can join
I be watchin' ye, ye feathered loon
I'll give ye me hootin' boot

Now now, go on home
birds have their ways

Well ye be on their side aye,
look at ye with the chicken wings
I'm not in the mood for ye rotten side
shoot off will ye, I be servin' ye on a tray

That's Billy, the mad silly Billy
he don't much like birds
he don't much like me
I am just a parrot anyway, call me Lily

I just tell the seagulls to poop on him
it's quite funny to watch

Oh my, he's givin' me a funny look...