Heyy lovely hearters!!
Today i am back with a new article.So i was tagged by (Bel) to write my lovely list so here it is.

My family

I cannot imagine living my life without my family.They have always been here for me and they have supported me in all the decisions i have made.I love them so much

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My friends

I feel so lucky to have such amazing people in my life.Both,my real and internet friends have been with me through my best and hard moments.They mean so much to me

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I am a person who reads a lot.I love books.I never feel alone with their presence.

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Summer is my favorite season.I love the warm weather and the sun.It makes me feel amazing.

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I love to travel to different places and to get to know new people.There are so many places that i plan to visit in the future and i just can't wait

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So guys this was my lovely list.Hope you enjoyed this article.I will try to write more this week.Thank you for the support.