Dear Mom,

I'm always trying to be the best daughter ever for you, maybe because I'm the oldest one, but it's seems that it's never enough no matter what. I really love you, but sometimes I don't understand you at all like I would.
You should try to understand me too you know ? Because even if you have cancer I'm not going to be assertive like the other, because you will win this battle like you always did before.
Your mom and your sister are the worst person to live on this earth and yet, you're still so kind to them that it makes me so angry at you.
But I love you and will always be, so mom you're the best don't change but try to see what are my feelings too.

Love, Your Daughter.

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Dear Dad,

Hey that's me ! I know that you're always trying so hard to make everyone laugh and all but you should try to be more serious and think about yourself more sometimes. Our jokes have always and always going to be the best and I don't tell you it often, but I love you. I'm always your little girl even if I'm a grown up woman and that there is an other man in my life, you don't have to worry about it.
You're also the best so don't be jealous of mom.

Lots of kisses.

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Dear Boyfriend,

First of all, I love you so much it hurts sometimes. You're the best ever even if you're making me sad sometimes too I can't blame you, because no one is perfect.
I'm always trying to be the best for you but I always end up being quite a little mess haha, you're so supportive it's incredible. You're not always listen or care about what I say but yeah you know how to be forgiven for sure.
I'm so jealous ! But lucky for me I know how to hide it from you, oh also don't worry about other guys I mean if you're here it's for a long time and I hope we will get married and have a lots of mini-us !

I will always love you, Your hotdamm gurl !

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Dear Future Children,

How are you ? I hope you're ready because I'm going to be the most childish and annoying mother ever ! You're still in your father b*lls but I'm ready for you, I've always been, you're going to be loved so much I can assure you about that.
I've already found a name if you're a boy so if you're a girl, damn i'm in trouble !
I'll still love you tho but yeah boy's name are way easier to find I don't know why.

So, I'm ready, love, Your Future Mom.

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Ps : I already found the decoration of your bedroom so be ready too !

Dear Past Me,

Hey how have you been ? I know that no one really believe in you and that you're depressed but no one see it. You still are, but there is this little someone who makes you see butterflies even if you don't like them. You should say no more to those who don't care about you and change maybe just your hairstyle, but I swear you'll have more confidence in some years just wait for me I'll be there just take my hand. You are the best and you should tell you that more often and not that you're worthless.

You're a survivor and a fighter, I'm so proud of you, Me.

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It's a long article but I felt like doing this because I'm a little sad today so thank you if you're reading this anyway you're the best !