hi! today's article is a list of all the places that i've been to. i'll be updating this whenever I travel someplace new so stay tuned!

North America

-> Florida, U.S.A

Temporarily removed beauty, disney, and Dream image aqua, bay, and disney image Image removed

-> North Carolina, U.S.A

autumn, fall, and North Carolina image
autumn, fall, and nature image adventure, charlotte, and North Carolina image

-> Virginia, U.S.A

downtown, virginia, and charlottesville image beach, couple, and fall image aesthetic, beach, and boardwalk image Temporarily removed
williamsburg and virginia beach

-> West Virginia, U.S.A

blue sky, fallout, and nature image

-> Pennsylvania, U.S.A

city, pennsylvania, and Philadelphia image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
philadelphia, harrisburg, etc;

-> New Jersey, U.S.A

amateur, Atlantic, and atlantic city image Temporarily removed New Jersey, ocean, and rocks image beach, New Jersey, and ocean image
newark, atlantic city, west orange, etc;

-> New York, U.S.A

Temporarily removed city, new york, and taxi image aesthetic, architecture, and brooklyn bridge image city, columbia, and manhattan image
new york city, manhattan, queens, brooklyn, irvington, union, you name it

-> Indiana, U.S.A
west lafayette

-> Ohio, U.S.A

-> Massachusetts, U.S.A

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-> Washington D.C., U.S.A

travel, united states, and usa image aesthetic, america, and art image Temporarily removed airplane, city, and DC image

-> Maryland, U.S.A

clouds, life, and maryland image airplane, background, and edit image coast, ocean, and ocean city maryland image america, baltimore, and city image
aberdeen & columbia

-> Puerto Rico, U.S.A

beaches, puerto rico, and resort image puerto rico and travel image nature, cave, and photography image Temporarily removed
san juan, rincón, carolina, aguadilla, and añasco

-> Calgary, Alberta, Canada

blue, buildings, and calgary image artsy, autumn, and beautiful image beautiful, black, and blue image artsy, buildings, and busy image

-> Toronto, Ontario, Canada

city and toronto image black, city, and skyscraper image canada, january, and ontario image canada, castle, and ontario image


-> Ghana

tourist sites in ghana image africa, cities, and city image ghana, accra, and west africa image accra ghana image
accra & kumasi

-> Rwanda

Image removed africa, green, and lake image africa, green, and hills image Temporarily removed

-> Congo

africa, plage, and brazzaville image brazzaville image Temporarily removed africa, capital, and congo image

-> Côte d’Ivoire

abidjan and assinie image africa, abidjan, and angre image africa, abidjan, and westafrica image back, life, and over image

-> Mauritania

abandoned, africa, and rust image


-> France

paris and places image building, castle, and paris image paris, louvre, and france image Copyrighted image

-> London, England, United Kingdom

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed london image Temporarily removed

-> Switzerland

Image removed bus stop, geneva, and peach image geneva and switzerland image Temporarily removed

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