Article: places I’ve been to

Let us begin...

North America

-> Orlando, Florida, U.S.A

entertainment, florida, and orlando image beauty, disney, and Dream image aqua, bay, and disney image florida, orlando, and harry potter image

-> North Carolina, U.S.A

autumn, fine art nature, and fall image beautiful, mountains, and magical image autumn and fall image adventure, wanderlust, and charlotte image
_specifically hillsborough*

-> Virginia, U.S.A

downtown, charlottesville, and virginia image beach, couple, and fall image aesthetic, city, and beach image virginia beach image
_ specifically williamsburg and virginia beach_

-> Pennsylvania, U.S.A

city, pennsylvania, and snow image pennsylvania, love, and Philadelphia image hard rock cafe, pennsylvania, and Philadelphia image usa image
specifically philadelphia

-> New Jersey, U.S.A

amateur, Atlantic, and atlantic city image Atlantic, travel, and beach image jetty, rocks, and wave image beach, New Jersey, and photography image
specifically newark, orange (either atlantic city or ocean city.. i can't remember :/), etc;

-> New York, U.S.A

city, aesthetic, and architecture image city, new york, and taxi image aesthetic, architecture, and brooklyn bridge image city, columbia, and manhattan image
specifically new york city, manhattan, queens, brooklyn, irvington, you name it

-> Upstate New York, New York, U.S.A

cloudy, landscape, and mountains image beautiful, new, and newyork image 19th century, monastery, and windows image christmas, snow, and winter image
union, binghamton, johnson city, & lots of places around these

-> Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A

autumn, boston, and massachusetts image boston, city, and harbor image boston, sail boats, and massachusetts image beautiful, boston, and christmas image

-> Washington D.C., U.S.A

travel, united states, and usa image aesthetic, america, and art image clouds, DC, and lake image airplane, DC, and city image

-> Maryland, U.S.A

clouds, nature, and vacation image airplane, background, and edit image coast, ocean, and ocean city maryland image america, maryland, and urban image
specifically aberdeen & columbia

-> Puerto Rico, U.S.A

beaches, puerto rico, and resort image puerto rico and travel image nature, cave, and photography image arena, beach, and puerto rico image
_specifically san juan, rincón, carolina, aguadilla, and añasco

-> Calgary, Alberta, Canada

blue, buildings, and calgary image artsy, cold, and leaves image beautiful, black, and blue image artsy, canada, and downtown image

-> Toronto, Ontario, Canada

city and toronto image black, city, and skyscraper image canada, tumblr, and january image canada, castle, and ontario image


-> Ghana

tourist sites in ghana image africa, city, and places image ghana, west africa, and accra image accra ghana image
where i've been in ghana: accra & kumasi

-> Kigali, Rwanda

africa, color, and home image africa, green, and lake image africa, green, and hills image Rwanda, travel, and amtesol image

-> Brazzaville, Congo

africa, plage, and brazzaville image brazzaville image 🇨🇩 and dem rep congo image africa, capital, and congo image

-> Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

abidjan and assinie image africa, abidjan, and angre image africa, Ivory Coast, and abidjan image back, summer, and to image


-> Paris, France

paris and places image building, castle, and paris image paris, louvre, and france image colourful, Houses, and paris image

-> London, England, United Kingdom

35mm, Big Ben, and bridge image london, london eye, and touristen image london image london, travel, and red image

-> Switzerland

castle, geneva, and idyllic image bus stop, geneva, and peach image geneva and switzerland image geneva, morning, and thougts image
i forget where i went when i was here, but i'm pretty sure it was geneva

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