s a m
s a m

I don’t fall in love as easily as most of the people do.
I don’t trust my guts.
Don’t grow as fast as the daisies in past springs grew.
Just excuse myself with no’s and but’s.

Most of the time I am hidden behind a book.
Most of the time I don’t care.
If you should somehow catch me look,
then only just because I dare.

I dare you to water me
To plant me in.
I dare you to set me free.
It should be enough just to grin.

Maybe’s will fly through my head.
Maybe this won’t be my death.
I am not so easy to get,
Maybe this one has a little more depth.

- s.b. // just one grin

Hello fellows, lately I've been publishing many many articles and thought that it is time to come back with another poem I have written. I hope you enjoy it! Stay lovely! xoxo Sam