I know I am but summer to your heart, and not the full four seasons of the year

Summer is coming, which means its time to travel, wear cute swimsuits, be confident about our bodies and swim in the sea. I am lucky enough to live next to the beach in Mallorca, so during the summer we spend most of our days at the beach enjoying the sun. But I know not everyone is that lucky, so here are a couple of summer destinations where you can spend your hollidays enjoying the beach and fresh water.

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1. Santorini, Greece

I've seen this destination named a couple of times in different articles such as my name in cities and such, and to be honest I've fallen in love with this place. There are many hotels with their own infinity pools with amazing views of the sea. This is the summer dream.

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2. Hawaii, USA

If you live in the US but you don't want to travel that far, Hawaii is always an option. This is the place where couples go on their honeymoon with amazing views and a lot of nature. Volvanic island are the best.

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3. Malawi, Southern Africa

This place is awesome, there are many options on what you can do; you can go on a saffari to visit and get to know better its wildlife. There's also an amazing festival that you can witness known as the lake of stars festival.

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4. Belfast, Northern Ireland

This place doesn't have the beaches we are most used to think about when we hear 'summer', but I swear its so beautiful you'll forget about that. Causeway Coast is also an amazing place with beautiful views.

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5. Aysen, Chile

If you love big lakes and blue crystal water, then this is your dream destination. You can find this place inside the northern side of the Patagonia and believe when I tell you this is the closes you'll ever be to heaven on earth.

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6. Mallorca

Please, if I didn't include the place where I live what kind of person would I become? Mallorca, the house of amazing white sand beaches, amazing wildlife and beautiful views of the Mediterranean ocean.

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7. Bali, Indonesia

Yes, this is the one. The destination you see in every single bucketlist, in every dream travel list, and there is a reason for that. Bali is one of the places with most biodiversity in its ocean, being part of the Coral Triangle. Also, bungalows over the water is goals.

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And that's it, I hope you liked this article and that it will help you choose (or imagine) your dream summer destination.
- Dahiandra