Hi people
Today I will share with you how I made my dream7inpiration board, hope you will enjoy it.

1. step
Measure out you boar. After that cut out exactly same measures from white paper. When you have paper that is same as your board you can pin it down on board with some pins.

2. step
Get some ruler and pencil and let your creativity out. You can draw any designs your mind can think out. Mine turn up like this.

Image by Iva

3. step
Use some black marker to over-line those lines.

Image by Iva

4. step
Everything you need now are some watercolors and brushes. I filled up mine with some blues, pinks and purples.

Image by Iva

5. step
Last step is to fill up your board with anything you want. It can be some tickets from concerts or movie theaters. Or maybe you can use it as a daily to-do anything you want.

Thanks for reading, xoxo.