I don’t know where I have brought myself.
This place is strange.
This is not where I want to be,
But this is what they want to see.

The incomplete friendships,
The unsaid truths.
The horror of the past,
The hidden roots.
Have all brought me here.
Somewhere I do not want to be,
But something they want to see.

The battle of separation,
The world of hallucination.
The dead- end streets,
The worthless vacation.
Have all left me scarred.
And the scars,
Have made me someone I do not want to be,
But everything they want to see.

The lonely nights,
The empty lights.
The ugly mornings,
And the rainbows not-so-bright.
Have made me realize,
This is not the world where I want to be seen.
But this is the world they want me to be in.
-Abhilasha Dey