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I was tagged by the wonderful and super sweet Audrey to do the what´s in my bag challenge. This is her profile and two of her recent articles, I highly recommend checking her out, she is amazing ♡

So let´s get started with this...

My purse

I always bring my purse in my bag with me because all the important stuff is in there and I want to be able to pay so... definitely important

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A bottle of water

Because you need to stay hydrated :)

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Hair ties

If you don´t need one your friend does and especially I love putting my hair up so this is a must for me in my bag

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My phone

Obviously right? I also bring my headphones in case I get bored or something so I can listen to my playlist any time.

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Something a little underrated but very important too, especially when you are sick...

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It depends where I am going but usually I bring a lip balm and when I really feel fancy a sort of body spray or rose water. I love love love it, it is so hydrating for your skin. I also bring a hand cream or a sanitizer.

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To write down all my ideas and thoughts or to draw something.

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