ive always been super into cinematography n film, so here is a compiled list of songs that changed my life, made me cry, and overall stuff that i rlly like !

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Cry Baby, 1990

ok so young johnny depp is in this movie and frick idk i just rlly like it. it's a 50's style musical theme and follows a group of delinquents vs. the squares, who are the good kids. it's kind of a predictable love story, with the square and delinquent falling in love but idk dude i love it

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The Basketball Diaries, 1995

THIS MOVIE DONE FUCKED ME UP LOL. idk leo's acting broke me, and it was just such an eye-opening movie and vbhfujdiksol. but yeah anyways it basically about this young basketball star in nyc who starts dabbling in drugs and then his life spirals out of control and just idk, it was super beautiful and parts of it acc broke me inside. yall i cant

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Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, 2015

this movie was honestly a masterpiece. it's not your typical "sick girl finds love story," its complex and honest. it will break your heart and put it back together. the characters are so complex and i can't, i just love all of it.

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower, 2012

i'm sure all of y'all have watched this movie, but it gives me the chills. logan lerman's acting was amazing and it rlly jus was beautiful. it's basically about a socially awkward teen, charlie navigating thru highschool with the help of 2 upperclassmen turned into his mentors. it's honestly just so beautiful and the cinematography is flawless !! also the music and charlie's writing was amazing and it's definitely a must watch

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The Edge of Seventeen, 2016

this movie is prolly one of the best teen movies out there, it's real and raw, and an all around fav. basically the movie revolves around a high school junior, nadine and her life. she's kinda an awks person so thats v relatable, and it gets worst when her older brother starts dating her best friend. the film follows her unvonventional life and friendships (FUCK IT UP ERWIN KIM I LOVE HIM) and yeppp

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The Breakfast Club, 1985

OK ICONIC if you havent watched this movie tbh where have ya been ? it's a coming of age classic teen movie, and it's just a big fav

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THE MOST POWERFUL MF MOVIE EVER MADE. YALL THIS HAD ME BAWLING AND LIKE IT FUCKED ME UP SO BAD MY MOM WALKED INTO MY ROOM BC SHE THOUGHT I WAS DYING. aight so this is a fucking masterpiece. it's basically about this guy, named saroo (dev patel ohmfyfuks) and he got adopted by these australian people, and goes back to find his lifestory and birth mother. OK BUT ACC WATCH THIS

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Eden, 2012

ok this movie is honestly so underrated but i feel like its one that rlly opened my eyes. it revolves around this korean-american girl who gets kidnapped into a ring of sex trafficking anf frikcuieodkfn pls watch this honestly

OK YALL thats it my hands hurt i might make a pt 2 but like??? idk lmk !!