You want to have cute little covers for your Instagram story highlights so they match your theme and look clean on your feed? Since there is no app for creating them just follow these steps to DIY. All you need is your smartphone!

- ingaasophie ♥

Step I
Ask yourself what kind of highlights you want to share. I'll give you a few examples:
- Food
- Travel
- Hobby
- Outfits
- Party
- Countyside
- just everything you want to share on your account, feel free

Step II
Find a background with colors you like, that fits in your feed and you will like for a long time. You can search for them in google, but I prefer WHI or pinterest.
Better not go for something super special otherwise you will need to remove it more often. I reccommend to go for a simple background, like some of these:

Superthumb background Superthumb background

Step III
If you want to write the title on to the cover you can skip this step.
But if you want to use icons you can simply go to google and search for them. Make sure that they have a transparent background. They are transparent if they have grey and white tiles in the background and it has to be a .png file.

Step IV
Download the App "Phonto" or a similar App (it is for free in the App Store). Upload your background picture to the app. Tap on your Background to add Text. Or say Add Image and upload the icon to the app. Now you only have to adjust the two pictures. Make sure the icon is big enough to save the quality. If you create a square, it is easier to make every cover look the same. Now save it to your camera roll.

Image by wundernarr
One of the covers I did for myself.

Step V
Upload the picture to your Instagram Story. Yes you have to, even though it looks very weird to your followers it is the only way. Now mark the story as a highlight. Go to your feed, click on the highlight, go to the settings of it and edit it. You can now adjust the cover and add new photos from your story to your highlight. It has to be in your story for 24 hours! Otherwise it will be deleted!

Step VI
Repeat it for all your highlights and you are done!

I really hope this little how to was helpful for you! :)