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Today's article is still about zodiac signs, but I'm talking about the planets that influence them 💓

Aries - MARS

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Mars influences you drive and determination, it gives you energy and makes you bold and competitive

Taurus - VENUS

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Venus causes your love for beauty, for luxury and makes you appreciate the finer things in life

Gemini - MERCURY

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Mercury is the planet of communication and so you are talkative and you can strike up a conversation with everyone and also it makes you curious

Cancer - MOON

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You are sensitive, soft and absolutely ruled by your emotions... all because of the influence that the Moon has on you

Leo - SUN

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You enjoy being the center of attention because the Sun is the center of our solar system and when you get irritated you tend to flare out of control


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Mercury influences your intelligence, your observation skills and so makes you good at dealing with informations provided to you

Libra - VENUS

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Thanks to Venus you develop strong relationships and you are the best at maintaining them stable

Scorpio - PLUTO

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Pluto is the planet of transformation and so you have no prolem at rebuild yourself everyday

Sagittarius - JUPITER

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Jupiter is the reason you are so optimistic all the time, it encourages you to expand your mind and heart

Capricorn - SATURN

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Saturn makes you serious and hardworking, so you are rewarded for your efforts because you do whatever you can to achieve the goals you've set for yourself

Aquarius - URANUS

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Uranus spins on a different axis from the other planets and that's why you have an eccentric personality, you are creative and you are going to do great things

Pisces - NEPTUNE

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You're always lost in your own world, daydreaming about what could be and also you are insanely intuitive and deeply compassionate individual, which is caused by Neptune
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