Hey my lovely Hearters, how are you?

I've seen many people do this article so I decide to do it too to get to know me a little bit better.

Coffee or Tea

coffee, design, and interior image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Winter or Summer

Image by TashMendora blogger, fashion, and freezing image

Cats or Dogs

animals, kittens, and cats image amazing, art, and colour image
I'm a cat lover and cat mum

Sunrise or Sunset

car, sunset, and summer image beach, summer, and sunset image

Books or Movies

Image by Skylar Delores bed, relax, and tv series image
Movies and series too

Skirt or Jeans

Image by Mika fashion, gucci, and style image

Chocolate or Vanilla

food, ice cream, and yummy image food, chocolate, and fruit image

Tattoos or Piercings

Tattoos, duo, and nature image tattoo, rose, and flower image

Sun or Rain

Image by Intricate Syndacate rain, autumn, and fall image

Leather or Denim

Image removed fashion, girl, and style image
I like them both

City or Countryside

girl, city, and travel image city, girl, and travel image

Thanks for all the love,