DAY 16:

Hellooo! So, write about something I miss.

I’m usually the person that doesn’t miss the actually people, more the memories, moments.

A few days ago a watched a video ‘Are you a visual thinker?’ by BuzzFeed. Sometimes when I think about certain moments in the past, I get an actual image of that event. I have photographic memory.

Ok, I should actually write about something I miss.

The first thing that I think of…are my two dogs that we had. When I was born our dog was around 1 year old and when I was 5 we got another dog. And they died when I was around 13 and 15 years old. I grew up with them. They were the most special dogs, both so amazing in their own way. I have my best memories with them. I miss them.

Temporarily removed animals, black lab, and dogs image

I miss my great-grandma. She was such an amazing woman. She lost her mom when she was 13 in WW2 and she was adopted after that. I found out many things about her after she passed away which made me appreciate her even more.

Pick yourself up, brush yourself off, push forward, move on, you adapt, you overcome. (John Cena)

If you did read, thank you.
Love, K

Day 16 // 29.03.2018 // 10:40