It was September 13th. The time when summer is hottest. The climax of its passing through the calendar. The time of the year when you can feel the heaviness of the warm air, which foresees something big upcoming.
The red light of the setting sun was blinding. That kind of blinding on the border of painful headache. I had headaches so often. The sort of migraine that never goes away, only goes into remission for a while.
I know that most people enjoy the sunsets so much. My migraine does too so I had to rest for a while until the pain subsided.
I could see the running shadows on the wall above me. They were moving fast, skipping over each other. I could only stretch my hands and keep waving them through the dead air. The despair has always been such a terrifying feeling. The most terrifying feeling.
I must have fallen in a deep sleep because when the phone ringing woke me up it was the middle of the night. It was hard to explain what fears had come to visit me in my dream. Maybe this was some kind of paranoia which I had acquired a long time ago.
Now the phone was hysterically ringing and I had to stand and pick it up. I had become so calm through the years. A little bit apathetic to the reality. This late call was not bothering me. I looked at the screen. My heart trembled. It was an expected call. Like something usual, lost in time, coming with a delay. I slid the green receiver. Something in me was rebirthing. Everything in me was rebirthing. A familiar voice said:
– I can hear your smile.