Sometimes Greek Mythology is very confusing with one goddess being the daughter of the other or just another form of the same goddess. While researching this topic for school, I came across a lot of confusing stuff.
In this article, I only included the most interesting parts that I found out back than, with just a small summary about the most important things that I assume everyone already knows.
But other than that I wanted to talk about facts that not a lot of people seemed to know about.


Artemis is the goddess of the hunt, the moon, the forest (or generally the wild) and also archery.

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Father: Zeus
Mother : Leto
Twin brother: Apollo
Sacred animals: deer (Greek "elaphos"); Bear (Greek "arktos"); Wild-boar (Greek "hus")
Attributes: bow & arrows, Hunting spears, Knee-length dress, Hunting-boots, Deer, Wild beasts, Torches

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Artemis was born before Apollo and helped her mother with the birth of her twin brother. That's why she is also considered as a goddess of childbirth although she herself is a virgin. She is the protector of children (male and female) and women.

Although it is unknown where this goddess originally came from, there are similarities to the Gallic goddess Artio who was the goddess of the hunt and of bears. In Athens, girls who worshiped Artemis were called "Arktoi" which means "Bear".

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As Potnia Theron she is depicted as the "ruler of animals" or "Queen of the Wild".


Because Love is a very complicated thing and the Greeks could not stand it that ONE woman had all this power, they split her into four parts. Ever wondered why she is the daughter of Zeus and also was created when Uranos was murdered? Because there are four of her.

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Father: either Zeus or Uranos (born after his manhood was thrown into the water)
Mother: Dione or well no one
Sacred animals: Dove, Swan
Attributes: Rose, Pearl, Shells

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Aphrodite Urania is the daughter of Uranos and rules over the spiritual love. She is often depicted with turtles by her side.
Aphrodite Pandemos rules over physical love. It is said that her name means "for all the people". She is married to Hephaestus and the lover of Ares.
The Third Aphrodite is the daughter of Zeus and Hemera and the last one is the one most similar to the Phoenician goddess Astrate ( goddess of the stars, love, fertility...) and is married to Adonis.

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Athena is the goddess of wisdom, war, strategic warfare and courage. She also is the inventor of the rakes, chariot, horse bridles, earthenware pots and many more. She is the protector of weaving, craftsmanship and blacksmiths (although Hephaestus is more important for the last one)

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Father: Zeus (born out of his head)
Mother: Metis (Titan of crafty thought and wisdom)
Sacred animals: Owls
Attributes: Spear, shield, helmet, long robe

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After Zeus was told that the child that Metis was carrying would either take his place (if it was a boy) or be as powerful and seen as an equal to him (if it was a girl), he decided to swallow his wife whole. Athena was therefore born inside of her father and then jumped out through his head. Metis stayed in there and became part of Zeus' thoughts.

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Pallas Athene holding Nike

As Pallas Athena and Athena Parthenos she is holding Nike, the goddess of victory in her hand, symbolizing "victory in battle".


She is the goddess of the harvest, the agriculture and the fertility. Her name is translated as "Mother of the earth" which corresponds with the fact that she is often depicted as a very motherly figure. But she also is connected with the cycle of life and death.

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Father: Cronus
Mother: Rhea
Sacred animals: Pigs, Dolphins, Bees
Attributes: Wheat, Grain, Fruits, Flowers, Labrys (axe for work)

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Demeter Melissa is the protector of bees and of honey, with Melissa meaning "Honeybee". But there are more forms of Demeter that were worshiped.

For example: She is the goddess of spring as Kore. But most of the time Kore is seen as an independent goddess who still has a relation with Demeter as her daughter.
Kore is better known under the name Persephone. Kore was only called Persephone when referring to the Queen of the Underworld and not the goddess of spring.
Demeter is also known as Persephone. In this context she embodies the Winter.

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Therefore Demeter was worshiped as a Goddess of Trinity. With Kore being Spring, Demetrie being Summer and the Harvest and Persephone symbolizing Winter.


Hera is the goddess of marriage, woman, childbirth and family. She is best known for being Zeus' jealous wife who murders his lovers.

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Father: Cronus
Mother: Rhea
Sacred animals: Cow, Peacock
Attributes: Apple, Scepter, Diadem

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There are two myths that explain how Hera and Zeus got married.
The first one says that Hera had always been in love with Zeus and when they were old enough, she seduced him.
In the second one, Hera refused Zeus' proposal because she wanted a man who would be faithful to her. Zeus didn't like that and transformed into a cuckoo, that was hurt. Hera helped the little animal (without knowing that it was Zeus in disguise). After that Zeus transformed back and raped his sister who later gave birth to three children, giving her no other chance than to marry Zeus.

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As the goddess of all women she also symbolizes the path of life all of them go. As Hera Pais, she is a young girl, then as Nympheuomene, she is a bride and as Teleia, she is an adult. Teleia means something along the lines of "fulfilled". The last step of life is as an old woman in the form of Chera. Chera translates to "The widow".

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I hope you liked this article and learnt something new. If something was too complicated, please let me know, so I can change that part and make it more understandable.

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