I started on this challenge

in late February and I wondered if this would be something I would quickly lose interest in.

Well, seems like not, for now at least.

I find myself checking my progress almost every night, wondering what tasks I could do the next day or so.

Current progress: 16 out of 100 completed

Some were easy one time tasks, such as #73 - Exfoliate your face and #62 - Stretch before bedtime. Though I have been trying to stretch regularly after that, because prior to doing the task, I went to read up on the benefits of stretching.

Some were hard - I tried to do #95 - Try to drink eight glasses of water in a day but I never made it nor kept track of it by evening time.

And #43 - Hug someone, was particularly emotional for me because of what happened that led to the hug.

Still looking forward to completing more tasks in the weeks to come :)