In light of recent events, racial inequality has been highlighted in America. #Blacklivesmatter has become a strong force. While it does raise awareness for a huge problem in America, it, at times, has sparked violence. Riots. Police being martyred. #Bluelivesmatter has swept the nation, asking America to respect the people who our nation appointed to keep order. But at times, it has led people to falsely believe that all black people are violent. #Alllivesmatter has been the peacekeeper between these trending hashtags that have pitted social media into two sides. The reality is hashtags won’t do anything about the issues of racial inequality and police violence in our country.

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Social media has become the world stage for news. People catch wind of a controversial topic, and they rush to their phones or computers to show just how angry they are about what is going on. The hype can have the strength to join or divide our country. It has created tension between innocent people just because they are associated with a group. Families are scared for their loved one’s lives, whether it’s because of skin colour or because of their job. So we show support in our Facebook posts, our Instagram photo or tweet. Our penance to show we care has been summed up into merely a hashtag.

At the end of the day, each life matters. No matter what someone's skin colour or profession is, their life matters. We cannot transcend assumptions and opinions on any group merely because a small percentage acted violently or wrongly. This concept seems basic. However, it is not achieved because we use a certain hashtag or post on our social media account proving we support equality. While it is important to raise awareness, it cannot end there.

People preach how we need to spread love and not hate, yet we don’t show love in our daily lives. We have time to say #alllivesmatter, but we don’t take time to help those around us. While we cannot stop the next tragedy, we can start living like we say we should on social media. We can first stop spreading the idea of hate between blacks and police officers. We can stop comparing how many people of each race are killed by police. We can stop calling police horrible names. We can take time to not be so self-absorbed with our lives that we can show compassion. Instead of complaining about the way the small percentage acts, act in a way to reverse stereotype. Don't just hashtag. Do something.