this post is basically just my thoughts so feel free to not read this, that is my recommendation considering I never have a clue what I'm saying so I don't expect you to understand but anyway.

It's hella weird that my life has kinda flipped the past 2 weeks. It's completely my fault and down to my own mistakes, yet everyone still tells me I don't deserve any of "this", whatever "this" actually is. Anyway the only thing that helps me feel mildly better for a temporary amount of time is music, especially Tyler, the Creator's. I dunno why but as soon as Okra was released I instantly became happier but that's gone now so I guess I'll have to continuously be listening to his music and hope that helps.

So that's it just my thoughts rn. Also I have a new found hatred for school and everyone in it but also being home. I've never felt more like I'm genuinely alone but hell yeh there's no one to blame for that than myself.

Also sorry if this seems dark, if anyone even read this, but I dunno what else to say to make it sound light-hearted so I thought I'd just write whatever came to my mind.

Catch ya