Lately, I've been having trouble letting go of my past and I think it's because I need closure. When a person hurts you it is just very difficult to forgive, especially if they do not know what they did wrong. It is hard to move one because the past is holding us back from what we really want. You feel lost, emotionally exhausted, and angry. Sometimes you just want the person to apologize for how bad they hurt you, you want them to realize what they did. But you also know that that's never going to happen so your only option is to move on. Time can heal, but it'll leave a scar because the wound never finished closing. But that scar is what makes you who you are. Things happen for a reason and you'll learn from your mistakes. This experience will build you backbone that will help you be strong and shape you as a person. Experiences change us, whether that is for good or bad. But you'll overcome it. Hopefully, the person will realize what they did and you'll finally have that closure. But in the meanwhile, you need to enjoy life and move on.