Hi, guys!
Today I want to share something with you ...
If there is something to which I am addicted, it's to the evenings of "Netflix and Chill". And who does not like to be in bed all day watching Netflix accompanied by good food ?.
  So, today I bring you the list of my favorite series.

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I hope you enjoy it

1. Glee.

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The best serie forever. I love it ♥ With each episode I learned something, to love each person who is with me, to follow my dreams and never give up. It made me laugh and smile, it made me angry and cry. If you haven't seen them I recommend you see it, you will not regret it.

2. Gossip Girl.

gossip girl, blair, and chuck bass image gossip girl and xoxo image
“Gossip Girl here! Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite”

3. Friends.

friends, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, and gif image friends image friends, monica, and rachel image friends, chandler, and ross image
I can't stop laughing when I see a chapter. It's very funny.

4. Pretty Little Liars.

Temporarily removed shay mitchell, sasha pieterse, and pretty little liars image pretty little liars, pll, and kiss image gif image
Be careful, bitches, I know all your secrets. Kisses. -A.

5. The Vampire Diaries.

gif, the vampire diaries, and damon salvatore image the vampire diaries, caroline, and tvd image Image removed tvd, stelena, and Nina Dobrev image
They will not let me lie when I say that these vampires are incredibly attractive. This series is full of action, sexy vampires, blood, drinks and many love triangles.

6. Once Upon a Time.

Emilie de Ravin image blanche neige, charming, and couple image once upon a time, lana parrilla, and evil queen image Temporarily removed
All the fairy tales you already know, taken to another level. With very good stories that teach you that with love you can all.

7. Stranger Things.

stranger things, eleven, and mike image stranger things and gif image eleven, stranger things, and mike wheeler image Image removed
Series set in the 80's with an incredible mystery story. Protagized by a group of brave and intelligent children, Eleven a girl with unique qualities, portals to other dimensions and strange creatures. Excellent combination, don't you think?

8. 13 reasons why.

13 reasons why, hannah baker, and sad image 13 reasons why, hannah baker, and clay jensen image Image removed Image removed
Before committing suicide, Hannah Baker records tapes each dedicated to the people who hurt her. A series that shows us the damage we can cause to someone.

9. The End Of The F***ing World

Alyssa, james, and jessica barden image Alyssa, teotfw, and netflix image Image removed james, Alyssa, and teotfw image
They say that for every madman there is a madwoman, and this series is proof of that. Allysa and James go from being teenagers who escaped from their homes to being fugitives from the law. A short and crazy series.

10. The Originals.

phoebe tonkin, daniel gillies, and The Originals image The Originals, claire holt, and joseph morgan image The Originals, joseph morgan, and klaus mikaelson image Temporarily removed
The Mikaelson brothers return home to face their own problems away from Mystic Falls. Just as good as The Vampire Diaries ... I haven't really seen it all, so I can't say much, just that what I've seen I liked.

I really hope you liked it.
Thanks for reading, see you soon!
Kisses, Dian. ♥