book, one of us is lying, and author image

Everyone has their secrets

Do not do what you are ashamed of and you will not have problems

You never know anything in advance

Do not be kind, Cooper. When you're kind, it's even worse.

So, you're not perfect. So what? Welcome to the real world

But, probably, everyone knows, with what dirty fighting, and I do not know what Bronwyn is fighting with.

Before you get better, things get worse

"After all, I'm so huge - in myself I can hold so many"

Everything is possible

- Bronwyn Rojas! I solemnly promise not to kill you today, nor ever in the future. Is it going?
- You're funny,- she muttered.
I'm worried that you're shying away from the promise not to kill me.

Children is our future

To be beautiful, I do not need a boyfriend, moms

Humans tend to make mistakes