Favorite Female Character

Cheryl Blossom

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context_page=5&context_query=betty+cooper+gif&context_type=search It was hard to pick between Cheryl and Betty, but ultimately Cheryl has had my heart since season 1. She is the perfect balance of queen bee, meats badass, meats sweetheart. Watch out for her bombshells. But Betty is a very close second.

Favorite Male Character

Jughead Jones

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Jughead is such a great character. Not only is he an amazing writer, but he always stands up for what he believes in. I'm so glad he became a serpent, he was a born leader.

Least Favorite Female Character

Penelope Blossom

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Bitch needs to go! She is crazy, prostituting herself, pushing Nana down the stairs, putting my baby Cheryl in a conversion home! I hope Cheryl sets her on fire again.

Least Favorite Male Character

Chic Cooper

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He has freaked me out since day 1! Tell em boy bye! I don't know what his problem is, but it needs to stop. Also why does he act like such a little mama's boy, how old are you dude? But Hart is doing a great job acting.

Have You Read The Comics?

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No, but I wish I have. I've seen them at stores though.

Favorite Parent

Fred Andrews

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Fred is such a great Dad. Unlike his son, Fred stands up for what he knows is right. Archie is a dumbass.

Least Favorite Parent

Hal Cooper

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Hal is an awful father. Leaving the family, cheating on Alice, not okay dude. The only reason the Lodges didn't make the bad parent list is because at some times veronica's parents do show best interest in her, while Hal doesn't care about Betty or Polly at all. And at least the Lodges aren't divorced now.

Initial Thought On Show

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My best friends introduced me to the show; we watched pone of the episodes and I had no idea what was happening, but I already loved it.

Favorite Ship


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This ship gives me so much happiness. As a bisexual girl, I thank the writers for putting these two characters together. I not only like them because they are gay, but just as people they match so well. God bless!

Who Do You Think Killed Jason?

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It's honestly hard to remember, but I think I thought Hermione maybe. I just knew that there was going to be a plot twist, and there definitely was.

Thank you for reading! If you don't watch Riverdale you definitely should, it's very addicting. Xoxo, Asia