Day 5: Write about your favorite movie, video game, tv show, and book, also your favorite characters.

My Favorite Movie

can't buy me love, movie, and patrick dempsey image can't buy me love image
My favorite movie is Can't Buy Me Love. My favorite character would have to be Ronald, when he wasn't a jerk. It was a very sweet love story in my opinion.

My Favorite Video Game

fire, ninja, and scorpion image Mature image
My favorite video game is Mortal Kombat. My favorite character is Scorpion. It's just his catchphrase, is really...catchy.

My Favorite TV Show

academy, greenhouse, and ravens image gravity falls, wendy, and mabel image
My favorite tv shows are between Greenhouse Academy and Gravity Falls. They contain enough drama and mystery to keep my attention. My favorite character from Gravity Falls is Dipper and from Greenhouse Academy, Leo.

My Favorite Book

book and howtodisappear image book howtodisappear image
My favorite book is How To Disappear by Sharon Huss Roat. It's very, inspiring, I guess you would say. My favorite character is Lipton.

I guess these are a few of my favorites. I hoped you enjoyed this article!

That's it. BYEE X3