'Sometimes you can't explain what you see in a person. It's just the way they take you to a place where no one else can.'
I normally don't get scared by much.
I don't get scared of my parents like I should. I don't get scared of the next boxing match that I will lose. I'm not scared of what comes after death. I'm not scared of being replaced by my friends.
I'm never scared of these things because I'm not surprised if it will happen. I expect those things.

Jacob on the other hand. I wasn't expecting him to waltz right into the center of my life and make me care for him like no one else.

I walked down the hallway quietly. I felt bad for following him. I told myself I wouldn't but curiosity got the better of me.

I kept walking quietly, making sure he wouldn't notice me until I figured out what to say. But I stopped right in my tracks.
He was pacing up and down the hallways. His hands pulling at his wavy light brown hair.
His face was turning red. He took off his sweatshirt that he wore every other day of the week and threw it down.
His phone shattered as he chucked it at the wall right by my head.
My shoe squeaked as I moved away from the destroyed phone and he turned around.

boy, sad, and crying image

He looks at me with such anger in his eyes. And it scared me.
I walked fast around the corner. Leaving before he had a chance to get mad at me. I figured I should call my mom or someone to pick me up so I walked outside to pick up my stuff.
Through the window, I could see Jacob.
Face covered by his bruised hands.
Sitting on the floor.
Phone shattered in front of him.
And something I never thought I would see on him..