This are some things about me. Hope you enjoy reading this.

⁂ Born and culture

amsterdam Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb
I was born in The Hague in The Netherlands, but I am an Moroccan girl.

⁂ Believes

arabic style
I am a muslim

⁂ Style

hijab black hijab beauty

⁂ Passions

best friends dinner Superthumb bed
hanging out with friends and family, reading and watching tv shows and movies.

⁂ Food

Superthumb Superthumb burger chocolate

⁂ Dream destinations

america Greece Superthumb australia
America, Greece, Japan and Australia

⁂ Celeberties

boy Superthumb emma watson black and white
Dylan o'brein, Adelaide kane, Emma watson and Harry styles

⁂ Quotes

quotes family family family