hey guys! So right now I'm on spring break and things have been pretty dry. It opened up my eyes and now I see just how badly I'm addicted to my phone/the internet. I tried unplugging for even a couple of hours and read a little but then got bored again. This is a list of things to do without your phone. It is meant to inspire me, hopefully, it helps you too.

listen to music
go outside

Image removed vinyl and music image food, cinnamon rolls, and dessert image nature, plants, and spring image

go for a walk
learn (ask questions or pick up another book)
lay around and think

beautiful, dog, and hipster image book, coffee, and vintage image bohemian, boho, and free image beautiful, deco, and space image

do yoga
go for a bike ride
journal (be very honest and really open up)
play with your pet or siblings'

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take a bath
try something new
explore your town/city
look out the window and observe

Mature image city, autumn, and aesthetic image aesthetic, window, and sky image art, girl, and museum image

create (draw, paint, write, etc.)
practice self-care

aesthetic, beach, and bikini image gif, Alyssa, and james image art, painting, and drawing image bath, lemon, and flowers image

get work done
call a friend
make plans
hang out with others

study, college, and school image anime, aesthetic, and quotes image girl, party, and car image friends, nature, and summer image

thats all hope you enjoyed! thanks for reading!
- madi