I saw this tag a few days ago and I've been dying to do the #ByHeartChallenge ever since! If you connect with anything let me know, and be sure to tag me if you do this because I'd love to see your version. Check out what inspired me below and enjoy!

♥ by heart I am...

1 | a dreamer or a sound sleeper
Dreamer. I dream all the time, even when I am awake.

Image by Angel💫

2 | reckless or reliable
Reckless, I can't help it!!! I AM loyal and helpful. But I know I can be super impulsive sometimes. I just want to make the most out of this life. And if I don't look out for myself, who will?

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3 | a garden grower or a forest explorer
Forest explorer. I'd like to grow gardens but I don't have the persistence or patience. Besides, exploring things is so fun!!!

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4 | a newspaper or a coloring book
A coloring book. I am to creative and passionate to be a newspaper. I do however, color outside the lines.

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5 | the astronaut or the moonchild
The moon child. I LOVE the moon!!! I am a huge daydreamer, far to creative to be a scientific astronaut. I am complicated, the thing people are trying to understand.

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6 | young at heart or an old soul
Young at heart for sure. I love stuffed animals, cute movies and junk food. Life is to short not to enjoy. This has been misunderstood for immaturity in the past, when I am in fact a very deep, ambitious and serious thinker. But whatever, people are entitled to their wrong opinions.

I am a child at heart.

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7 | a romantic or a realist
Romantic for sure. This has gotten me hurt in the past. My emotions always get in the way of rational thinking. Deep down I like to believe that true love dose exist.

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8 | a cloud gazer or a star chaser
Star chaser. I am a night owl and I live for wishing upon a star.

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9 | a mountain or an ocean
Ocean!!! I am deep and restless and connected to the moon,

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10 | the artist or the muse
The muse. I do not have the skills to be an understand. I like to inspire others.

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♥ by heart I love or choose...

1 | sleeping beneath the stars or sailing at sunrise
Sailing at sunrise. Don't get me wrong I LOVE sleeping under the stars. But there is nothing as relaxing as being out on the open water. And sailors tend to be very preppy, creative people. My kind of people.

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2 | flying to the moon or swimming to Atlantis
Swimming to Atlantis. The moon would seem to be empty at the moment. If I went to Atlantic I could befriend the mermaids!!!

mermaid, art, and fairytale image

3 | polaroid pictures or handwritten letters
Letters. Photography is awesome but handwritten letters are so personal and they can say so much more.

classic, handwritten, and letters image

4 | barefoot adventures in the jungle or exploring rooftops in Paris
If I had to choose one, I would choose Paris. Paris is so beautiful and inspirational, especially for my Fashion career.

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5 | summer nights or city lights
Summer nights!! Summer nights are full of adventure and new opportunities. The warm air is comforting and beautiful.

summer, friends, and pool image

6 | paintings or poems
Poems. They are more meaningful to me. For me a poem is like a painting created by words.

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7 | rainy days or stormy nights
Tough, because I love rain in general. But I will say stormy nights. There is something so magical and relaxing about the combination of pouring rain and starry night.

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8 | vintage postcards or antique telescopes
Antique telescopes. They are the perfect combination of nostalgia and dreams.

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9 | constellations or conversations
Constellations. People and talking with them drains me. The stars do not.

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10 | Déjà vu or nostalgia
Déjà vu! I am a very nostalgic person, but I love the feeling of Déjà vu. It is so magical.

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