Hey Guys!

Hope you all doing great!

Today, I'm here with a different topic. We all know that April is the month of the Earth and the main goal is to keep making consciousness.

So, from now on I'm starting to search for different ways to get to you guys and in a different fun way let you know some different things that you can do and make a small but big difference. If we all join together or individually we are making a huge difference, and the earth is going to thank us forever.

First of all, no. I am not a scientist. But we don't have to be scientists to have knowledge about what is going on with the only place that have life in it.

I consider myself as a person who likes to be informed and help in whatever I can from wherever I am.
How do you consider yourself?

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Let's start by making the obvious statement.

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The earth is the only place with life on the universe as far as we know.

We all know that.

But if we do then... Why we keep destroying it?

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Ask yourself these questions every morning...

Why we're destroying the earth? What do I do that is killing our environment?

When you have the answers to those questions is when you will finally wake up from the unreal world that you were living.

This is our problem.

There is absolutely no one who is not guilty of this problem. We have all contributed to it by just buying a product in the supermarket. We are guilty for not being informed. We are guilty when we say that we are not. Those who do so are only ignoring the problem as if it would not affect them later.

But we stop being guilty at the moment that we start to move and look for information.

Here are a few steps that you can follow to start being more conscious.


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Information is the key for anything. Information is knowledge. Information is intelligence. Is revolution. When you start to understand things, you start to make best decisions. So, inform yourself.

One of the best ways of information is watching documentaries.
Personally, I love one of National Geographic called "Before The Flood" with Leonardo Di Caprio. This documentary in particular talks about everything. That's why I recommend it to you.

Take Action

Once your inform about what is going on in our world and why the earth is changing so fast, you can start taking action.

Observe your ideas before and after you inform yourself.

They're different? You feel different?

If the answer is yes, then start.

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Look for movements that supports your ideas. If you want to start planting trees, changing to solar electricity or recycling plastic or stop using Shell Gasoline. Is up to you. Now you choose. Now is the time when you start taking action.


Now that you have the knowledge, and you start to take action, you can choose to do it individually or in a group.

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Individually you can start by planting a small garden of fruits and vegetables. You can also change the type of energy in your home. Start with solar system, one thing at the time.

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Or you can do it with a group. Find in Facebook or social medias different group movements in your area and join them. Sometimes they do marches or talks to school. Also, you can find a different kind of movement like... The Leap.

I'm going to make an special article about The Leap movement later in the month, so you can be familiar with it. It's an interesting movement. You can also search for his page in google.

So! This is all for now! Hope you enjoy the first of the many articles that I'm going to do about different topics involving our beautiful planet.
Let's take care of the earth... after all is the only one with chocolate.

I'm kidding :)

See you next time!

Tons of love... T.