For a rainy spring afternoon, in which the hot atmosphere does not correspond to the soft drops that fall on the skin or the distant thunder.
For the impenetrable loneliness that settled in my heart, which seems not to be cured with hugs or laughter.
For the confusion I feel when I do not know if my love is reciprocated, and I wonder why the friendships that I believed would last forever seem to not matter anymore.
For the music that I have neglected so much in my empty days, being my violin the one that could cure all the ills, but not finding enough motivation to make the effort.
For the dust of my room, which seems to accumulate more and more, but I do not intend to clean it because nobody ever comes to visit me.
For the commitments and obligations in which the deadline is approaching, and that I am not yet ready to face.
For the cries and blows that I endure from the only people I live with, that although I know they love me, they do not seem to notice how much they hurt me.
For all the people that I would love to tell all the evils that lurk in my thoughts, and for the sadness that I seem unable to vent.
For all the tears and screams that I would love to let go, but that get stuck in my throat, turning to lead in my chest.
For the nonexistent winds, which cause a stagnant air that I easily blame for my difficulty in breathing.
For my helplessness when I can not defend myself when my family marginalizes me, calls me crazy or tries to control every outgoing word from my mouth.
For the feeling that every second that runs I'm closer to giving up everything...
But also for my mentality of going ahead and someday shuting the mouth to the people who keep me tied.
For the idea that one day, everyone will regret not being with me, not supporting me, shouting at me, insulting me, beating me, hurting me, letting me fall and not helping me get up. Everyone, they will regret ...
For the day everyone realize everything they did, and they see me triumphing in life and being happy ... they will realize how strong I had to grow.
For all the tears that I have not been able to shed, and that someday will disappear when replaced by the hapinness of my future self.
For a rainy spring afternoon.

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•Aisha Crown•
•Aisha Crown•

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