it's the little things that will make you smile,
and then life seems to me alright;
for a moment at least.

i want to share the little things in my life,
feelings, occurrences, and more
that i enjoy
and that make it easier to breathe:


Image by 𝙙𝙖𝙣𝙞 🪐 pastel, pink, and blue image

-raindrops on a car window
-visible fog in a forest
-drinking water at 3am

lightning, nature, and night image clouds, colorado, and lightning image

-the early morning sun
-the skies when the sun sets

aesthetic, aesthetics, and alternative image aesthetic, clouds, and pink image

-the feeling of the warm sun against your cold skin
-the sound of the leaves beneath your feet
-the smell of coffee

autumn, caramel, and coffee image Temporarily removed

and the best yet:
warm hugs,
from someone you love