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  • Family

Sometimes I shout to them, sometimes I lie to them, sometimes I cry because of them, but they are the most importent people of my life and they really make me happy. I just can't live without them. And I hope they can't live without me to.

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  • Music

Music is ageless. And it can make you feel so many emotions. music really helps me when I'm sad, happy, hyped or concentrated. The world without music would be so silent. I think we all need music in our lifes.

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  • Friends

There are so many things I can't discuss with my family but what I can discuss with my friends. All my secrets and gossips. I really really love my friends. We Always are having so much fun. They are always supporting me when I'm going through a hard time.

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  • Animals

Animals are just Always so eternall and suprising, but I really like that. They have such a great soul and the way they live is so different that we do. It's fascinating. I own a cat and 3 fishes. I got the fishes from my friends for my birthday. I actually don't like fishes but that's a secret so ssshh.....

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  • Being in love

And the Last but not least thing that I love the most it being in love. I just always feel happy when I'm in love. I smile way more then daily. But the best thing is if the one you like so much likes you back! That's the best feeling on earth ( I swear ). But unfortunately that doens't happen often.

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