warning : this is my first article and english is not my first language. sorry if you spot any mistakes.

okay so here's the thing. Back in February, before Valentine's Day, at my school, you can send some letters to your lover and friends. I decided to send a letter to this guy (let's called him F). All I said in the letter was that he's handsome. Of course, I didn't sign my name or anything. I wrote it anonymously.

Nothing happened until summer break. He texted me and since then we are texting each other everyday (he texts me goodnight every day). Sometimes, we see each other at school and only smiled. I'm fine with that. He's always with his friends and I'm always with mine. We once did talk about it (no talking to each other at school). We both feel like we will bother each other.

2 weeks ago, we went to a date(or hang out? i really dont know) to a coffee shop. I was a little bit nervous because it was actually my first date(if it was a date xD). We talked about school and summer. There were some silences but thank god, they were not awkward at all.

Tuesday, we were supposed to do something after school but I cancelled it because I had a huge headache. He just texted me saying that we should hang out because he wanted to get to know me. Of course I want to get to know him but i just dont know what to say to him.

Can someone help me? Because, our next date/hang out is next Thursday.

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