✧day 6 - i need somebody

✧kim kyung hee - and i'm here

✧taemin - back to you

✧ sogyumo acacia band - butterfly

✧ saltpaper - go

✧ midnight youth - golden love (not a korean song but a really sad song and was featured in the kdrama 'Uncontrollably Fond')

✧suzy - i love you boy

✧jimin - serendipity

✧sam kim - seattle

✧kung hyun min ft jo hyuna - such

✧eddy kim - when night falls

✧seo in guk - seasons of the heart

✧goblin soundtrack 8 - 시간이 멈출 때 (when the time stops)

✧seventeen - habit

✧eric nam - before the sun sets

✧bts - young forever (unplugged vr.)

✧bts - sea

✧sam kim - mama don't worry