Hi loves!

In honor of prom season coming very soon, I wanted to create these inspo looks for fun. Here's the first one, I hope you'll love it✨

Warning: It's going to be a lil extra

The dress:

This gorgeous baby blue gown is perfect for the ones who want to go all out! It's elegant and has a nice touch of SPARKLES at the bottom, which I love.

dress, blue, and wedding image

The hairstyle:

I personally think an updo hairstyle will work best for this type of dress. I especially love this one for its voluminous curls and braid.

hair, hairstyle, and braid image

The makeup:

For the makeup look, I would go for a more 'subtle' smokey eye with a touch of gold, pink/nude lips, and a glowy skin finish.

beautiful, eyes, and girl image lipstick, beauty, and loreal image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

The nails:

Simple, but beautiful! I love the shape of these and the color matches perfectly with the dress.

nails, blue, and rings image blue, iphone, and it image

The heels:

We won't be seeing the heels that much, but they're still a crucial part of prom. Here are four similar ideas that would fit the outfit really well.

shoes, heels, and nails image chic, classy, and diamonds image diamonds, heels, and shoes image body, cars, and diamonds image


Dimond accessories are sooo beautiful for prom! With the v-neck dress and the updo hairstyle, these earrings and necklaces would fit the best. I also adore the bracelets!💎

Temporarily removed bracelet, fashion, and hand image diamond, ring, and nails image arm, bracelets, and cash image
And this concludes my first prom look!

Thank you for reading till the end. I hope you enjoyed this and maybe got some inspiration for prom:)
See you on my next article♡