few nights ago ; i almost Talked about you to a stranger or a friend ; i can't remember ! it felt weird ,, it really did ! ,, i thought of what would i say to make all this glam and light surrounding your existence in my heart come into words ...
i said few hints about you .. you know what felt more heartbreaking ?
; is that i only mentioned where we first met and where you at now ,, i mean let's be honest i had no other things to talk about ; these are the first things that come to me
,, even if i described your shiny brown eyes or your forehead scar , they wouldn't even get it ,,
this night however without even realizing i found myself passing by your house , i recognized it by that photo of you posing in front of it with some of your friends ,, though it was night but still; the street light had something in common with your shiny eyes !
slow music was playing on the radio ! everything was managed to remind me of how much i miss your light ,
and it felt like a sin ! you being stuck in the back of my mind felt like a sin
falling for your eyes felt like a sin ,,
and i couldn't stop myself ,, i couldn't wreck it off ,
"i mean aren't we all sinners ?"