I'm finally on spring break and already bored, so here is list of things you can do to kill boredom :) ♡

♡ Go outside

girl, flowers, and sunflower image converse, car, and hipster image girl, autumn, and fashion image Image by Latefa Anwr
just go outside and find adventure

♡ bake something

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just try it even if you suck at it like i do hahaha, you can also do it with friends for more fun :)

♡ build a blanket fort

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this is a MUST, you can do it inside or outside - you'll have so much fun

♡ change your room

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i do this a lot and you don't have to go and spend too much money, just change your sheets, put some fairy lights, print out pictures and hang them on wall, buy fresh flowers...

♡ go to cinema

girl, cinema, and popcorn image couple, love, and cinema image couple, grunge, and car image popcorn, cinema, and food image
i know we all have netflix, but just go to cinema hahah

♡ paint something / be creative

artist and paint image art, aesthetic, and paint image girl, art, and paint image art, sky, and drawing image
free your inner picasso hahah

♡ read a book

book and vintage image book, girl, and fashion image book, aesthetic, and white image book, coffee, and plants image
find yourself a new fav book

♡ fangirl

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i mentioned this bc lets be real, that's something im doing all the time hahah.. we all love someone or something and belong to fandom so listen all the albums of your fav artist, watch their movies and documentaries about them

♡ spa day

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just treat yourself

♡ watch movies & tv shows

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find new ones or re-watch :)

♡ take a lot of pictures

aesthetic, classy, and decor image camera, photography, and photo image caffe and milk image Image by “chun-li”
take your camera of phone and take pictures of your pets, family, friends, nature... literally of everything you want :)

♡ hang out with friends

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always fun

♡ play with you pet

cat, animal, and cute image dog, girl, and beach image adorable, cat, and dogs image animal, cute, and bunny image
hope you have one :)