As someone who is always complaining about having nothing to wear, I decided to make a list. I go through my clothes every year and get rid of tons of clothes. Trends change, my taste in clothing change, etc... but certain pieces are always thrown into the keep pile. Why? Because they're stapled pieces. No matter what the never go out of style and I can use them whether I'm dressing up or casual. Everything in this list can obviously be tailored to your own personal taste, and budget. And I've tried to include different styles of each item.

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A Great Pair Of Jeans Some people hate jeans, some people are like me and love them. Whatever the case may be, you should own at least one pair. I suggest a basic pair of skinny jeans that have a little bit of stretch. Personally, I find jean shopping exhausting but a good pair of jeans is super important.
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A Pencil Skirt Easy to dress up or down. I think this an item that had to be on the list. You can throw on a t-shirt and some keds and look cute or put on heels and a blouse and look a #bossbitch.
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A Pair of Heeled Shoes Originally I had heels and boots on this list. But then I started to rethink it. I believe every woman should own at least one pair of heeled shoes. But the choice is up to you: pumps, stilettos, wedges, boots... whatever. Personally I always choose boots, they're my favorite.
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Flannel Shirt Just something basic that can be used for whatever whenever. And it doesn't matter what your personal style is like you'll find something that fits you.
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Something Red I really think everyone should own something red that the pull out once in awhile and rock that shit. It doesn't matter what it is. It takes confidence to wear red. It's loud, it draws attention, and screams power. So I understand some people shy away from it which is why I say "something" whatever makes you comfortable.
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A Little Black Dress I guarantee you read another article like this, it one that one too. A nice black dress is timeless and can be used for any type of event, from weddings to funerals, maybe(;
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Leggings Again, easy to dress up or down. For me they're a must have simply for comfort. And to be honest, I'm one of the people who think leggings ARE pants. Haha.
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A Jacket Specificity a jacket that makes you feel like a boss. Your outerwear in the cold months is just as important.
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An Oversized Statment Bag This a little trick. If I'm running late I throw on some leggings, a loose t-shirt, and slides and I ALWAYS switch to my nice bag that's oversized. Without it, I look like a slob, but with the bag (and maybe some sunglasses), I look a bit more together and like I'm running errands. Of course, it's good for when you dress up too.
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THE FREAK EM' DRESS This is the dress you get all the compliments in. The dress the has your ex wishing he didn't fuck everything up. The dress that has you checking yourself out like #yasssssbishhhh.
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Basic Blouse W/ a Twist I just think it's a good piece to have for the days you need to look a little nicer but don't have time cause you woke up late or don't wanna over do it.
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White Sneakers Just another basic piece you should have around.
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T-shirt Dress I am I a huge fan of the t-shirt dress. As a plus size girl myself, I tend to shy away from bodycon dresses but I hate super flowy dresses too. T-shirt dresses are perfect, they're somewhere in between. They're sexy but casual if you want.
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Sexy Lingerie All women should own undergarments that make them feel sexy. It's different for everyone, a lacy bralette and matching boyshorts (me!), maybe your a bodysuit person, or just a plain teddy. Buy something not just for your partner, but for yourself. Even single girls but a movie on and have some wine and lounge around in em!