Hello lovely readers. First of all, I wanted to apologize for not posting any articles for quite a long time. I was sick for a while and then I quit my old job, so I didn't have time nor the motivation to write anything. Quality over quantity, right?

So this article is about what's in my bag. I've seen a few 'What's in my bag?' articles on WHI, plus just watched Zoella's 'What's in my travel bag?' video, so I decided I'd write one too. For some unknown reason I really like this type of articles, which is quite weird, if you think about it really.. to want to know what's in other people's bags. But you know, what do we have to hide? :D

❀ тнε вαg

backpack Superthumb Superthumb bag
To work, I usually use a backpack or a medium sized handbag. Sometimes, when I don't feel like packing lunch with me, I use a purse instead.

❀ α ωαℓℓεт

bag shopping
I actually have a light pink wallet with tiny pink and white flamingos on it, but couldn't find anything even remotely similar to it, so here's just a few wallets I like. When purchasing a wallet, I tend to go for the pastel pink/blue or nude colors.

❀ εαяρнσηεs

apple earphones
Earphones obviously.

❀ ρнσηε

food apple
Can't survive my workday without Wattpad and WHI. I have a Huawei instead of an iPhone. Couldn't find any aesthetically pleasing photos of it though.

❀ α вσттℓε σғ ωαтεя

blueberry fashion
Sometimes infused water, sometimes plain water - depends how tired I am in the morning.

❀ α ησтεвσσк

girl marble
A notebook where I write article ideas or scripts when I'm inspired.

❀ α ρεη

Superthumb Superthumb
Well I need something to write with, don't I?

❀ α ρнσηε cнαяgεя

design, fashion, and pineapple image
When I'm planning on going back to my home town to visit my parents after work, then I usually take my portable charger with me.

❀ α вσσк

bag autumn
I always have a book with me. Currently I'm reading John le Carré's 'The Night Manager'. It's an amazing book, seriously recommend it to anyone who enjoys espionage novels.

I also have some pain killers and bandages in my bag, incase I happen to get a paper cut or a head ache. You probably noticed that keys weren't on the list of items that are in my bag. It's because I usually keep my keys in my jacket pocket.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. My next article is gonna be called 'March Favourites 2018'. I was supposed to start it in January, obviously, but me and my fish brain have completely forgotten about the previous months. Go click the follow button if you wanna see more articles and feel free to message me, if you have any suggestions or you just wanna chat. :D

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xoxo, A