why are you still doing this? why are you still fighting for me? you know that you´ve lost me a long time ago...
so why are are you destroying yourself for a person who doesn´t want to be around you anymore? I´m done with you, done with us. please accept the fact, that we aren´t going to be a thing anymore and that you´re the reason why. it wasn´t your fault at all, there are always two persons, who fucked up, but you´re the main reason and you know that. so please do yourself a favor and just give up. i won´t come back to you, because you told me to go.
so why do you still bother?

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i was madly in love with you and you knew it. is that the reason why you told me to leave? because you were afraid? afraid, that someone truly loves you, when you always thought, that nobody could? you broke my heart and even if i wanted to go back to you, i just couldn´t. i couldn´t let myself go back to a person, who told me to go and i couldn´t, because i didn´t fought for you, for us and i can´t forgive myself for that.

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