Helloooo, I've got my exams coming up and I'm starting to do some intensive studying and I thought I'd compile a list of study tips that help me knuckle down with my work ! I hope some of these may help you !

Finding your Format ~

Everyone studys differently, some might do small blocks of work then a break or use videos or use flashcards to remember info. But it's important that you know what way works best for you! if you find learning songs easy, google subject songs (there's pretty much a song for everything). I make mindmaps but keep them minimal, highlighting any key words or phrases that would be useful for a quick scan through. Just try some different ways of studying and see which you enjoy most :)

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remember to highlight small chunks so its easier to remember, colour code!

Focusing ~

I STRUGGLE TO FOCUS SO MUCH - but saying that I have things to keep me occupied. I work best with background music/sounds but with barely any lyrics/words so that I don't go on a singing spree (whoops). I listen to lofi study music which is really calming, asmr works as well but I prefer to tap to a beat to get focused. YouTube 'lofi study beats' loads will come up. If you work better in silence, silence it up, turn your phone off or turn off your wifi and try to orientate yourself with peace :)

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Lists ~

Making lists is a good way to keep track of what you have to do and what is done. If you're anything like me, you get a lot of work set and don't always manage the time well, but lists genuinely save me so much !! Compile a list of all of your subjects, add sub-topics in those areas and complete a few of those sub-topics a day and tick them off, you'll feel better seeing the progress made ! I also make mini lists of info that I need to look further into if I'm not that confident with it - this is mainly with my math bc omg so much stuff to remember :'(

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Study area ~

If you've already looked around at trying to organise your work space and see all of these pristine, orderly work areas it's the most satisfying thing ever but mine is mostly a mess, I have so many books out and random pens - but that doesn't affect me. If you rest easy and can focus knowing your space is tidy then keep to storing books in boxes or getting pots for certain pens, buy sticky notes, notebooks and other things, make the area natural and comfortable for you!!

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Planning & Managing ~

Planning helps me tons, sort of like the lists by having a target and feeling accomplished when you do that but deciding when to do it is tricky af. I just got my exam timetable so I printed off a monthly calendar and highlighted the days I have exams so I can work towards them to manage time. Try studying a subject that you don't like so much or aren't as confident with then do some studying of a subject that you do enjoy - this evens it out so that you're not forcing yourself and rushing.

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Health & Wellbeing ~

I stress so much and put an unthinkable amount of pressure on myself to do well so much that it affects my wellbeing but I've been learning to give myself a break because your best is all you can give !!

  • DRINK LOTS - water will keep you focused
  • SLEEP WELL - get enough sleep, if you don't get enough you won't be able to focus and will feel exhausted.
  • IT'S OKAY TO TAKE BREAKS - feel unfocused? Take a break! Don't overwork yourself, know your limits <3
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Stay positive, you can do it!!