I had never done such a thing, but it is relaxing to write my life and my day to day. It would start better from the beginning of the whole story, which now leads me to this, now my life.

Everything starts like this; with a simple graduation, that of my friends and me. Then I found a distinguished man, and different from those around him, serious and distant, who seduced me with his gaze. It seemed completely impossible, but ... why not ...
His gray gaze was perplexed and comfortable. I breathed and gave my life.

My friends and I always commented everything that happened to our surroundings, like an encyclopedia formed in a diary for all of us.

That distant boy, 27, well dressed and fortunate, turned out to be known and friend of my father, the city's lawyer, and with more prestige.
I was attracted by his coldness, his lost gaze, but with a mind full of interesting things and riddles.
At the graduation party, (place where everyone ate and drank as if life were in it). My friends and I, always away from everyone, we watched from the top to the whole world, sitting on an old bench, shattered.
He watched covertly, following him with his eyes, knowing what he ate, what he drank, and with whom he spoke, making sure that no girl approached him.

My friends commented on it, but I had already explained that I had seen it before. We started to become more interested in their social life, and we ran into a high prestige family, as owners of the Miller bank. A great goal for many fortune hunters, of course.
But I was not interested in his comfortable life, or the figures that went up and down in his bank account, but he, everything interested me. It was so exciting to look at him.

Since then I promised to see him again as soon as possible ...

                                                                                   Dakota Kay. X