You are my poison, you are my madness
The one who increases my sadness
You are my light, you are my darkness
And I'm the one you made so heartless

Walking on the streets at night
This world is only yours and mine
The chance is right in front of us
But we won't take it, we refuse
Cause at the end of the day
We are just remains of yesterday

We are shouting, we are screaming
Our fights have zero meaning
We are laughing, we are dreaming
We're so lost, our hearts are freezing

Lost in circles in the dark
Moving on, we split apart
Once again we see the light
You make my heart and soul ignite
You can see it in my eyes
You're the one my heart desires

Our moods are just like weather
We're on this road together
We know, we won't last forever
But we both know it's for better...