The third day I'm writing you something.

This are five facts about me, hope you enjoy!

1. I’m Dutch, born in Amsterdam.
When I was three months old we moved to Hilversum. It’s a 30 minutes’ drive from Amsterdam.

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2. I’m 17 years old.
Born on 20th October 2000. My boyfriend his birthday is on the same date as mine, but he’s 3 years older.

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3. I got two brothers.
My youngest brother his name is Olivier, he’s 12 years old. And my oldest brother his name is Sebastiaan, he’s 15 years old.

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4. I’ve got 4 rabbits.
My oldest rabbit is 7 years old, his name is Spartel. (Spartel comes from the dutch word ‘spartelen’, what means struggling.) March last year I’ve got another rabbit, her name is Bella. And summer last year, when my parents were on vacation I bought two other rabbits. They’ve got no name, we called them ‘the white ones’, because they both are white and look as twins.

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5. I stopped my study once.
I stopped with the study facility management, because I didn’t like it. Then I worked for like 4 moths on a school, as an assistant. Now I study education assistant, what means that you’ve standing for a class and help children individually.

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If you got any questions for me, don't hesitate and send me a message.